Trapped Between the Justice Dept.,the Mob and
a Notorious Union Brings Intrigue, Violence and Murder

bruce n. ball

When Wall Street whiz Parker Quinn seeks a quieter career, he is inadvertently caught up in the machinations of the mob, the FBI, and a labor union led by an egomaniacal dictator.


Quinn’s life is upended when he takes on a job working with the union’s pension fund. His position close to the money makes him a target for many players in a twisted, violent game. The union boss, Renato Costa, rules his organization like a king. The federal prosecutor, Kevin Norris, will sacrifice everything to pursue a vendetta. Soon Quinn and his new girlfriend are fighting for their lives amid warring organizations.

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Bruce Ball spent thirty years as an investment manager. He handled the pension funds of major labor unions, which resulted in contact with associations, the mob, and even the FBI.

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