Trapped Between the Justice Dept.,the Mob and
a Notorious Union Brings Intrigue, Violence and Murder

bruce n. ball


Full Book synopsis/summary:

Parker Quinn thinks that he is taking an easy, stress-free job. He’s sick of working in the fast-paced world of Wall Street and wants to settle down. Little does he suspect his new career will land him smack during assassination attempts, government stings, and run-ins with deranged mob bosses.


The trouble hits when Quinn begins working with the local labor union’s pension fund. He soon crosses paths with Renato Costa, the psychopathic union leader who rules his forty-thousand-member organization with an iron fist. Costa isn’t just interested in power but also in petty revenge. He will do anything to keep people indebted to him. Costa is also in bed with the mob and ready to permanently destroy anyone who ends up on his wrong side.


Kevin Norris, the federal prosecutor trying to put the union boss away, is the only person more obsessed than Costa. When a dangerous war breaks out between the labor union and the government, Quinn will have to decide which side to align himself with. He could avoid becoming collateral in a dangerous game if he carefully chooses his friends.


1. “I have learned what happens when you ignore an old saying and Chinese curse. “Be careful of what you wish for” and “may you live an interesting life”.”
2. “The guy must have spent a million dollars to keep his scrawny ass out of the can. He’s like fuckin’ Teflon.”

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